Rockstar reveals GTA Online rewards coming for Team Sprunk after event loss

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GTA Online’s Sprunk vs eCola event has concluded with the winners, but the losing team still has something to look forward to.

GTA Online’s massive Sprunk vs eCola community event started on August 25, 2022, and has finally come to a close.

Though thousands upon thousands of players participated to get their favorite cola brand to the top, ultimately eCola came out victorious.

However, Rockstar sent out a message that teased Sprunk fans will still have something to look forward to in the future, despite their loss in the event.

Rockstar teases Sprunk rewards in the future

The tease comes from a blog post on the official Rockstar Games Newswire, which introduced a new Community Series.

The relevant bit of information comes from the “Announcing the Winner of the Sprunk vs. eCola Showdown” section of the blog post.

After confirming that Team eCola won the event, Rockstar said, “Sprunk disciples, we appreciate your efforts, you will be pleased to know there will be additional opportunities to earn this Sprunk gear in future GTA Online events”

As Rockstar created plenty of cosmetics for both teams, should either win, it would end up being a waste not using Sprunk’s designs at all.

gta online sprunk vs ecola event header imageRockstar Games
The Sprunk vs eCola event pitted two of GTA’s most popular fictional sodas against each other, with eCola coming out on top.

While no official details have been released just yet on how players can earn these Sprunk-themed cosmetics, it seems clear Rockstar will have some related event in the future.

For now, any player who played during the Sprunk vs eCola event can log in to claim their rewards for participating, regardless of the team chosen.

Players who log in will receive the eCola Chute Bag, eCola Varsity jacket, and eCola Forwards and Backwards Caps after logging in to GTA Online “this week.”

Additionally, players will receive GTA$300,000 which should be wired to their in-game account “within 72 hours of logging in.”

So while Team Sprunk may have lost this brand battle, diehard fans can still hold out hope to have their own snazzy green cosmetics in time.