Rockstar leaker teases new GTA Online map in GTA 5 E&E

Liberty City GTA OnlineRockstar Games

A GTA Online leaker is teasing that a new map could be in the works when GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced launches on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles later in 2022.

For many years, GTA Online players have been stuck navigating the rough streets and pulling off big heists on the streets of San Andreas with no other cities or states to drive around.

As such, players have been hoping to see a return to Liberty City in some capacity to make the game feel fresher with loads of more content.

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Now, as it turns out, this might be happening once GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced releases later in 2022 with some major upgrades to GTA Online.

New GTA Online map?

In a tweet, insider and dataminer Matheusbr9895 claimed that while GTA 5 on PS5 and Xbox could be delayed yet again into April or May there could be big things happening behind the scenes.

“As I mentioned a while ago Rockstar Games is preparing 3 amazing things for GTA Online,” he added. “I can’t say much, but pack your bags.”

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While it’s unclear what these three “amazing things” are, the use of the words “pack your bags” seems to suggest that a new map could finally be revealed.

It’s anyone’s guess whether this means Liberty City, a new area completely, or a sizable expansion to San Andreas.

That said, any new destination could be a big deal for players and would explain a possible delay for the game.

Like always, take these leaks with a grain of salt, but we can’t wait to see what the future holds and if Rockstar can launch GTA Online on next-gen consoles with a bang.

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