Rockstar job listings hint at “big” announcement amid GTA 6 rumors

GTA 6 logo on top of times square at nightWikimedia Commons

A couple of new Rockstar Games job listings are hinting that the gaming behemoth has something “big” planned just as GTA 6 rumors have begun to heat up once more.

Rockstar Games are looking to bounce back from a questionable 2021 where the controversial release of the bug-infested GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition left a bad taste in players’ mouths.

Additionally, fans voiced displeasure at the delay of GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, wanting the company to finally announce GTA 6.

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Now, some new job listings might be hinting that something is in the works and players are hoping it could be GTA 6-related.

Rockstar gear up for something “big”

As noted by Twitter user Big Jim Colosimo, Rockstar seem to be in the process of building new websites that offer “interactive digital experiences.”

“This basically means they are hiring for a big marketing push. They are experimenting with interactive web design, e.g. going on a website and having some sort of ‘experience’ integrated into it,” he said.

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The job postings in question are for an “interaction designer” and “associate UI/UX designer” to work alongside the digital marketing teams.

GTA 6 heistRockstar Games
Could Rockstar be preparing for a big marketing push?

Interestingly, so far in 2022 we’ve seen a couple of established leakers claim that Rockstar could finally announce GTA 6 this year leading to a release in 2023 or 2024.

Whether this new discovery is a sign for some big GTA 6 reveal remains to be seen, but with Rockstar themselves even seemingly teasing the game recently, fans have reason to remain hopeful.

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As Dexerto reported, fans discovered what could be the first-ever screenshot of GTA 6 hidden in San Andreas in GTA Trilogy. So far, players have determined the photo as being from Florida, suggesting GTA 6 would see the franchise return to Vice City.

Until anything is officially announced, take all of this with a grain of salt, but 2022 could be a great year for GTA fans.