Rockstar insider’s new discovery suggests GTA 6 could release sooner than expected

GTA 6 rockstar games updateRockstar Games

A notable Rockstar Games insider has made a big discovery that may be pointing toward GTA 6 releasing a lot sooner than fans expect.

Rockstar Games has been mum on details about GTA 6 for almost over a year, promising that the game will set entertainment benchmarks.

With hype increasing and rumors of a possible trailer circulating, fans have been eager for news from the developers and an official announcement about the game’s release.

Now, newly-leaked screenshots showing GTA 6 in a more complete state than the hacked videos from 2022 have surfaced and some files may be good news for the game’s development.

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GTA 6 fans excited with latest discovery

In a post on GTA Forums, insider Tez2 found multiple files on the leaks named “bankrelease,” “debug,” and “beta” builds.

This could indicate that GTA 6 is actually much more complete than fans suspect and Rockstar is in the process of polishing the title so it’s ready for release.

GTA 6 hintGTA Forums
GTA 6 might be releasing sooner than fans think.

Additionally, fans have also discovered that Rockstar recently created a Chinese social media account, which was followed by PlayStation.

The fact that Rockstar created this account could point toward a big reveal coming and the company wants to tap into the Chinese market.

Finally, with Take-Two’s earnings call scheduled for Monday, February 6, there’s a chance that something could be announced before then.

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The stars seem to finally be aligning for GTA 6 fans, but we’ll have to see what the future holds in the days ahead and if there really is some official news about a long-awaited return to Vice City.