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Rockstar insider leaks exclusive GTA 5 E&E content and map expansion update

Published: 27/Jan/2022 23:39

by Michael Gwilliam


A Rockstar Games insider has revealed a lot of new information about what’s to come in GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced later this year when the game relaunches on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Not much is publicly known so far about the next-gen port of Grand Theft Auto 5, aside from the fact it will come alongside a standalone version of GTA Online and feature updated graphics.

The silence from Rockstar has been deafening, especially as the company looks to rebound from the bug-filled disaster that was GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. As such, fans are quite concerned.

Luckily, insider Tez2 has leaked some new content fans that can expect to see once the delayed port finally releases in March – and it might be enough to finally drum some interest back into the game.


New GTA 5 cosmetics and possible map expansion leaked

According to Tez2, he and game designer Wildbrick discovered a new category of clothing exclusive for characters transitioning to the Expanded and Enhanced port of GTA V.

Dubbed ‘Gen 9 Exclusive,’ Tez2 believes this is just one of many bonuses Rockstar has planned to incentivize players to pick up the next-gen version of the game.

“There could definitely be more clothing items since there’s this new whole clothing category exclusive to E&E,” the insider revealed on GTAForums while posting the code they uncovered.

Michael De Santa running away from an explosion in GTA 5
Rockstar Games
GTA 5 is nearly 10-years-old.

Additionally, Tez2 responded to rumors of a possible map expansion for GTA Online – and while he thinks it’s unlikely, he isn’t ruling it out per se.


“Technically speaking, we already have an expansion aka Cayo Perico. Back then, during the hinty winky days, inside talk suggested Rockstar still had more planned for Cayo Perico, but kept it for E&E,” he said.

As for what more Rockstar has planned The Island paradise, Tez2 revealed he already sees “mentions of new Daily Collectibles called Buried Stashes” within the code.

GTAForums leaked info
Could Rockstar have more planned for Cayo Perico?

“Rockstar would likely do something in regards to the Beach Party with their increased focus on music, smooth the transition thanks to the new consoles SSDs or something. Or maybe even introduce new DJs,” he added.

As the release for GTA 5 E&E draws closer, expect Rockstar to reveal new details themselves. Whether or not it’s enough to breathe new life into a 9-year-old game remains to be seen, but at least it seems to have some exclusive goodies for returning players.