Rockstar insider explains why GTA 6 will have “multiple timelines” as DLC

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A reliable Rockstar Games insider has responded to a report claiming GTA 6’s story will be expanded over time after release, explaining what the company has in store for the long-awaited title.

Not much is known about GTA 6 currently, except for the fact that earlier in 2022, Rockstar confirmed the development on the game was “well underway.”

Earlier reports and leaks have, however, given fans an idea about how the game will play, including a return to Vice City, new engine mechanics and the plan to release it.

In response to a request to comment on a Kotaku report from 2020 claiming GTA 6 would “start out with a moderately sized release that is then expanded with regular updates over time,” insider Tez2 explained what this would entail.

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GTA 6 will be "fresh"Rockstar Games
GTA 6 might have a lot of story DLC.

GTA 6 could span multiple timelines

According to Tez2 on GTA Forums, he believes that GTA 6 will make use of a chapter system similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 and how this could factor into the map itself.

“Cities will be more of islands than connected with each other by vast lands. This would allow them to consider leaving out some chapters as future DLC,” he said.

Furthermore, the insider noted that this would allow Rockstar to do something big they originally planned with GTA 5 in the game’s scrapped single-player DLC.

GTA 6 detailsGTA Forums
Tez2 explained why GTA 6 will be “moderately sized.”

“And since it’s chapter-based, the game could span multiple timelines. Keep in mind that this was gonna happen with GTAV SP DLC. Sort of, not exactly. But two episodes of GTAV SP DLC were ‘What-If’ types of episodes that would drastically alter the cityscape to fit a scenario of an alien invasion or a zombie apocalypse,” he added.

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“Take that and RDR2 concept of buildings changing over time into GTA VI and you end up with multiple timelines,” the insider continued.

Of course, take all of this with a grain of salt until Rockstar themselves confirm what the next GTA will consist of, but it’s sounding like the sixth game will have a lot more story to tell than GTA 5.