Rockstar Games website update sparks more GTA 6 rumors

Rockstar Games

A Rockstar Games website update could be the latest in the long line of hints towards the unannounced Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA players are starving for news about a new game and it seems like Rockstar are well aware of that as they are constantly dropping what appear to be little hints and teasers.

The latest rumor that has fans excited is an updated image that showed up on their website. At first glance, it just looks like another wacky image that people can use as their desktop backgrounds, but upon further inspection, it looks like there are actually some concrete hints.

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rockstar image gta 6 hintRockstar Games
Rockstar’s latest “tease” found on their website.

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On the neck of the bottle sitting in the ice, you can make out the year “1998” on it, which has led some to believe GTA VI could be set in the ’90s.

Of course, that is also the same year Rockstar Games were founded, so it could very easily end up being just a simple nod to that.

With nothing concrete being given out by Rockstar, it’s hard to sift through what’s real and what’s not when it comes to these rumors.

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One thing that is interesting to note is this image does not make an appearance with the rest of the wallpapers, which could be a basic coincidence or it could be a bonafide hint.

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As a good rule of thumb, you should take everything you see about GTA 6 with a grain of salt until there’s some sort of official announcement from the developers themselves.

The next-gen consoles are right around the corner, so it’s entirely possible Rockstar will just wait until they are out to drop any news about the future of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Rockstar Games
GTA 5 is the latest game in the series and it’s still being updated.

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One thing’s for certain and it’s that players are dying for any information, so no matter what the devs pump out next, there’s sure to be a lot of excitement.

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As always, we will continue to provide you the latest hints, teasers, and potential details about GTA 6 as more information becomes available.