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Rockstar flamed over GTA Plus memberships already

Published: 26/Mar/2022 0:04

by Bill Cooney


GTA Online players are already flaming Rockstar’s new GTA Plus membership, accusing developers of making the move out of pure “greed.”

With GTA 5 out on next-gen systems, Rockstar decided to give dedicated players the option of a subscription service that will reward them with cash and other bonuses.

However, some players on social media blasted the new move as “greedy,” and just another way for Rockstar to make money on the same game without introducing new content.

“This is just Shark Cards with extra steps”

Rockstar Games
Shark Cards let you buy GTA Online cash for IRL money, and are literally pay to win.

Like Shark Cards, the new GTA+ pass will deliver $500,000 directly to players bank accounts each month. Since making money to buy vehicles, buildings, and more is the whole point of GTA Online, this is literally a pay-to-win system.


“Shark card sales must be on the downswing,” one player quipped just after the announcement, while another called it “Shark Cards with extra steps.”

Other players flamed Rockstar for continuing to milk GTA 5 for everything they could.

“How will the starving indie devs over at R* make it without this?!?” one player on Reddit asked facetiously. Others wondered if Rockstar was in dire financial straights because of the move.

Things weren’t much better over on Twitter, with Rockstar’s announcement tweet for the subscription service getting straight-up ratioed, with more replies and quote tweets than actual likes.

While it might be unpopular, the service will undoubtedly get plenty of use. Like it or not, pay-to-win seems to be here to stay in GTA Online going forward.