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Rockstar drop hotfix to address GTA Online Bunker Sale glitch

Published: 14/Sep/2020 10:12

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games have apparently dropped a hotfix for GTA Online’s annoying bunker glitch that prevents players from being about to complete sales. 

With GTA Online still going strong after nearly a decade, players continue to patrol the virtual streets of Los Santos looking to build a criminal enterprise for themselves.

Rockstar had made it possible for players to stack up tonnes of cash through different businesses – be it as a CEO, the head of a Motorcycle Club, or even running an arcade.

One of the most lucrative businesses comes in the form of gunrunning – which requires a bunker to operate. Though, for the longest time, players have been running into errors where they are unable to complete sales. Rockstar claims that a hotfix is now live for this, though some players are disputing it. 

A car driving into a bunker in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Owning a bunker will unlock GTA Online’s Gunrunning business options.

Reddit user Big8Ball_in noted that they’d “bombarded” Rockstar Support with screenshots and messages about the bunker sales not working, and received an email back from them on September 12. 

“Thank you for writing back to us. We are glad to inform you that, there was a hotfix released now,” the email read. “Hence, we would suggest you restart the game and check again.” Though, the Rockstar support member did ask for any updates if the error reared its head again. 

The Redditor added that after receiving the email, they were able to complete numerous bunker sales without running into the glitch and that it could be the case that the error is cropping up because players are restocking their bunkers immediately after a sale. 

Bunker Sale Hotfix from gtaonline

Other players disputed the claim that a hotfix was live because they were still having issues. “I can assure you it’s not fixed as I’m currently restarting my game because a phantom wedge sale wouldn’t register,” commented j8bomb. “Yeah it’s not fixed,” added Tinkerballz1.

Although Rockstar claim that a hotfix went live, if the problem persists, they will more than likely have to look into it again at some point, otherwise, players might simply abandon bunkers altogether.


GTA Online Casino heist exploit lets you loot vault without timer

Published: 27/Oct/2020 10:33

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players have been running into a helpful glitch that is letting them loot the vault during the Diamond Casino heist without worrying about a timer. 

After years of waiting, Grand Theft Auto Online fans were finally given the chance to bust down the Diamond Casino doors in a huge heist back in December 2019, with gold, art, cash, and even diamonds being available to steal.

However, getting in, and sometimes even out of the casino while on the heist has been an issue. Some players have reached the vault and found that there’s nothing inside, or have reached the end of the heist and made absolutely nothing from their cut.

Yet, there are glitches that are helpful too – be it having no police chase you on your escape, or being able to get inside the vault without a timer restricting how much you can loot. 

Rockstar Games
The Diamond Casino heist can be tricky to navigate.

Players have been running into that latter glitch more often recently, with Reddit user DistressedUnit reporting that they’d experienced the helpful issue as recent as October 26.

How it happened for the Redditor, was both themselves and a heist partner tried to activate the drill into the vault at the same time. While their teammate took control of the drill, DistressedUnit was sent through the sidewall of the vault – letting them bypass the drilling stage. 

Once inside, the Redditor noted that they were locked in place or anything like that. Inside, they were able to run around, hack doors, and start looting before the timer became active. Though, once their teammates busted the vault door down, the timer did come into play.

GTA Online character stood inside the vault by their self
Reddit: DistressedUnit
The glitch allows players to loot before the vault door swings open.

Other players have noted that they’ve been able to replicate a similar glitch, allowing them to loot the vault quite a bit without the timer. 

Even though it’s a helpful glitch, it’s still an issue for Rockstar and could well be patched in the near future – especially as there is a new heist on the horizon with the impending winter update.