Rockstar dev says GTA 6 will be “special” amid hype from fans

GTA vice city mod with red car and GTA 6 logoYouTube: DubStepZz

A Rockstar Games developer has chimed in on the confirmation that GTA 6 is in the works, saying it’s “going to be special” amid plenty of hype from fans. 

For the longest time, the biggest question in gaming revolved around GTA 6 and whether or not Rockstar Games were actually working on it.

Well, on February 4, the iconic game developers confirmed that the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is “well underway,” only reigniting the hype from players who have been waiting for almost a decade for a new GTA title.

There are still no concrete details on where the game will be set – only leakers claiming that a return to Vice City is on the cards – nor do we know what the story will entail, but fans are still pretty excited.

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GTA online character holding pistol to the skyRockstar Games
GTA fans are desperately awaiting the arrival of GTA 6.

Rockstar are building on that already pretty expectant hype as well, with Jim Jagger – the Vice President of Animation – chiming in on what they’ve got up their sleeve.

Responding to the confirmation that work on GTA 6 is underway, the Rockstar dev dropped a simple message: “This is going to be special…”

Naturally, plenty of fans responded, noting their growing excitement. “Excited to see if you guy can top Red Dead Redemption 2,” said one. “It’s going to blow us away, I can feel it already,” added another.

As noted, Rockstar themselves haven’t given any indication into where players will be traveling in GTA 6, but it seems we should find out before long.

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Some reliable insiders have claimed that fans should more than likely get a first look at GTA 6 before the year is out, with a 2023-2024 release date looking pretty likely.