Players discover leaked GTA 6 logo hidden in GTA Online update

gta 6 leak onlineRockstar Games

GTA 6 fans who analyzed the leaked footage back in September have discovered that some of the game’s assets, including a logo, have appeared in GTA Online.

Rockstar has yet to officially unveil GTA 6 despite promising the next installment in the series will “set entertainment benchmarks,” and now fans think a trailer could be right around the corner.

The GTA 6 leaks from earlier this year game players their first glimpse of Vice City in all of its glory and confirmed earlier reports of two playable protagonists, one of which being a female, a first for the series.

Amazingly, it now seems as if content from GTA 6 is making its way to GTA Online as fans made a bold discovery in a recent update.

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GTA 6 logo discovered in GTA Online and fans are freaking out

As noted by Gaming Detective on Twitter, the upcoming Hotring Everon features a new version of the eCola bottle, but fans have seen this before.

“This new design could also be seen in the GTA 6 leaks from September,” the user remarked.

The logo in question was visible during footage of a diner hold-up where the game’s playable characters take money from the establishment and its customers before escaping from the police.

The new eCola logo can be seen in the back of the diner by a fountain drink machine. Its appearance in GTA Online has fans on edge, expecting something could be in the works from Rockstar.

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“It’s all coming together,” one fan wrote. “I can literally smell the GTA 6 trailer coming soon.”

Whether or not this development eventually leads up to a GTA 6 trailer or announcement remains to be seen, but it would certainly be the perfect Christmas gift for players who have been waiting a long time.