Peyote Plant glitches are getting ridiculous in GTA Online

by David Purcell
Rockstar Games


Rockstar Games' decision to bring back their famous Peyote Plants has been a game-changer for GTA Online players. Whether or not it's been a good change, though, is very much up for discussion. 

These plants are located right the way across the Grand Theft Auto 5 map and eating them is supposed to allow characters to change how they look. Well, turn into animals, basically.

However, they aren't always working as intended. Just days ago, it was revealed that the plants were doing weird things to players, like stealing their weapons, and the newest issue might just take the cake.

Rockstar Games
Peyote Plants can turn players into different animals – even Bigfoot.


In what's quite a shocking clip, sped up to 2x so it cuts to the chase much quicker than normal gameplay, Reddit user magicdeanoboy discovered that it's now possible to free fall from the sky and land safely on the ground.

The footage below shows the player is at the highest point they can go, thousands of feet in the air, which causes the engine of their Avenger to stall. In that moment, they decide to jump from the aircraft, but that didn't really go to plan.

The blades from the chopper hacked at the player soon after, leaving them with very little HP remaining, but with a terrifyingly long wait until they reached the ground. After spinning around in circles, the body eventually thuds against a sidewalk and somehow the player survived.


Posting in a Reddit thread, they said: "Can anyone explain how I survived this?"

Multiple members of the community have since reached out, claiming that eating a Peyote Plant will likely have been the cause – meaning that not only can they turn you into an animal, but also stop you from dying in the craziest of scenarios as well.

One said: "You ate a Peyote plant that’s why you survived, peyote plants will for some reason reduce self inflicted damage," while another posted: "It’s a glitch that makes you god mode to your own damage. It happens accidentally."

Rockstar Games
Some players have reported that weapons like the Navy Revolver have disappeared after eating Peyotes.


Clearly, this is something a lot of players are already aware of, yet there has been no indication that Rockstar is planning on rolling out a patch to solve these issues any time soon.

With characters being robbed of their weapons after eating Peyotes, and not dying from extreme drops like this, who knows what they could do next. It's starting to get a bit too crazy for our liking.