Entire NoPixel server hosts huge Blue622 memorial race to celebrate late GTA RP streamer

Brad Norton
GTA NoPixelRockstar Games

Exactly one year on from the passing of GTA RP player and streamer Kenny ‘Blue622’ Tancredi, the NoPixel community banded together once again to host an epic race in his memory.

When the GTA RP community began taking off, it was members like Blue622 that helped the biggest streamers integrate into the NoPixel server, the most popular of them all.

As a Network Engineer by day, Blue622 was a beloved member of the RP community. At just 30 years of age, he suddenly passed away on July 4, 2020, sending shockwaves throughout the scene. After various in-game tributes, the NoPixel server joined forces to raise more than $43,000 for his family.

Now one year on from his passing and the community has banded together once again. This time around, many of the biggest names and popular streamers jumped into an RP session to compete in an epic 30-minute race.

Dozens of players from around the globe drove their vehicles to a big virtual meetup on the NoPixel server. From Summit1G to xQc, plenty of the biggest GTA RP streamers were in attendance.

With that many players altogether, all in the same vehicle, it even led to some amusing crashes. As every driver honked their horn at once, even xQc’s game completely broke, forcing him to restart ahead of the competition.

Before long, the huge race was underway, one that covered the entirety of Los Santos and then some. For roughly half an hour, drivers were speeding around the map, all in memory of Blue622.

Ultimately, the race was all in good fun. There was no griefing on the track and no one was there to spoil the show. Outside of the NoPixel server, tens of thousands were tuned in online to remember the beloved RP community member.

Not the only way the NoPixel server has honored Blue622’s memory, a rare collectible was also added to the server in recent months. 

With a one in 10,000 chance of appearing, Blue622 and his RP character serve as one of the most sought-after collectible cards to this day.