NoPixel devs update in-game GTA RP memorial after passing of Misty Mocha

Jacob Hale
Misty Mocha in GTA RP NoPixel server
Rockstar Games

On May 11, it was announced that prominent NoPixel community member Misty ‘Dovahpug’ Mocha had passed away — and now she’s been permanently commemorated in the server.

In a tweet posted on May 11, fellow NoPixel roleplayer RevRoach revealed that Misty, also known by her IRL name Alex, had passed.

“She was pretty new but was always down to roll with whatever. She played a character that was tough, determined, mellow and brave,” RevRoach explained.

She had left a message, saying that “the cancer finally got her,” and the community was devastated to hear it.

Misty Mocha in GTA RP
Rockstar Games
Misty Mocha became a prominent member of the NoPixel community.

Anyone who is familiar with the NoPixel server knows that, unfortunately, there is a Memorial Wall in Legion Square, with the names of any community members who have passed.

In an emotional tweet posted on May 12, NoPixel dev Tobii revealed the sad new addition to the Memorial Wall.

“Said I wouldn’t update this again, yet here we are,” he said, alongside a screenshot of the Memorial Wall with Misty Mocha’s name engraved. “It sucks that the list is getting longer and longer. RIP.”

Misty Mocha becomes the fifth person added to the memorial, alongside David ‘ItsStarkey’ Chris, Boe ‘Blue622’ Jangles, Michael ‘CallMeGrub’ Dias and Johnny ‘SavX’ Cassle, all within one year of each other.

It’s still incredibly sad, but to see Misty Mocha eternalized in a place that brought her so much joy in life seems very fitting. It’s a terrible shame, but this memorialization is something that the community loves, and Tobii has received a shedload of support for making this latest addition to the wall.