MrBeast’s $100,000 bank robbery game is a real-life GTA Online heist

MrBeast GTA online heistMrBeast/Rockstar Games

MrBeast’s latest money game on YouTube is about as close to a real-life heist from GTA Online that we’ve ever seen.

It’s no secret the star YouTuber loves giving out cash through crazy challenges, but his latest game for $100,000 takes a page right out of Grand Theft Auto’s playbook.

At first, participants thought they simply had to literally break through a bank lobby to reach the cash hidden in the vault, but like GTA, it wasn’t going to be as easy as just one step.

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After discovering the first vault was actually empty, it was revealed the participants would have to make their way through a whole gauntlet of challenges for a chance at the $100K.

Can you say Cayo Perico? Though, we have to admit some of the MrBeast challenges did seem a bit easier than prepping for GTA Online’s premier Heist.

There was a room containing a “billion” red party cups (according to the YouTuber) and one where players had to build a mountain of LEGO bricks to reach a key.

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Multiple challenges featured laser pointers that had to be maneuvered around, a la Mission Impossible, but that’s nowhere near the craziest one, which seemingly involved a literally “shocking” element.

GTA Online gameplayRockstar Games
What if you could run GTA heists in real life? MrBeast seems to have answered that question.

Despite the metal only conducting to other metal, MrBeast didn’t inform the players of this. So, to them, if they touched it, they would get shocked. This didn’t stop them from running straight on through, shock or not though.

Finally, after running the gauntlet, the participants came back to the very first room containing a bank lobby. After breaking through (again) Nolan reached the vault first, and won his dad a cool $100,000. It wouldn’t be too bad of a take in GTA Online either, but it’s especially nice IRL.

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