MOONMOON apologizes to xQc after “aggressive” GTA RP drama


MOONMOON has apologized to Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel for acting aggressively towards him and saying he wished he’d leave the NoPixel GTA RP server, claiming he genuinely enjoys playing with him.

xQc is no stranger to drama on the NoPixel GTA RP server. He’s already been banned four times and almost got banned again less than a month later.

The endless controversy prompted him to make a new character, although he still plays the previous one from time to time and runs into trouble.

However, one of the main antagonists (or protagonists, depending on whose side you’re on) in his chaotic saga has always been MOONMOON, a prominent streamer and veteran GTA RP player who roleplays several characters, including Lenny Hawk, a Deputy at Blaine County Sheriff’s Office.

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xqc and moonmoon on Twitch streamsTwitch: xQc/MoonMoon
xQc and MOONMOON have clashed multiple times on GTA RP.

MOONMOON has criticized xQc in the past, calling him “self-centered” and “egotistical.”

And after they feuded again on May 20, he got a “little aggressive” out of character and expressed his desire for xQc to quit the server.

However, after having some time to ponder and reflect on the drama, he’s apologized for what he said and even sympathized with xQc to an extent.

“I’d like to apologize to xQc for saying that I wish he wouldn’t play [and] for getting a little out of character,” he said.

“I know it’s stressful to deal with people just shouting vitriol in your chat at you constantly. It’s hard to lose sometimes, especially if you’ve got a very competitive mindset.

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“I like playing with xQc on the GTA RP server. It’s exciting. It’s challenging. I do wish that he would not get so mad out of character because it’s hard for me to pick apart what is and what isn’t.”

MOONMOON has been lauded for being the first to apologize and express a willingness to de-escalate the situation.

xQc hasn’t responded yet. However, some fans are adamant there’s no bad blood between them and hope they can finally put their differences aside and collaborate.