Massive GTA Online cheat menu Paragon shut down

Rockstar Games

Some GTA Online players might soon find they’re not able to completely control the game’s world, after devs from one of the biggest cheat menus announced it was shutting down.

If you’ve never gotten into the shady world of GTA Online cheats, good job, but those who have at least been curious probably know about cheat or mod menus.

These devious little programs let players use mods and cheats (as the name “mod menu” suggests) to control and change almost everything about GTA Online, and on May 22 one of largest, named Paragon, announced they were apparently shutting down out of nowhere.

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“Dear community, as most of you know, Paragon’s data was recently compromised,” said a message posted to the cheat’s website. “It has increased the risks involved to the point that staying operational is no longer viable. Regrettably, this leads us to the decision to shut down to avoid further complications before it’s too late.”

While players who used the system might not be getting banned from GTA Online, they’re still out whatever money they paid for the service, per the message above.

What kind of GTA Online mods did Paragon have?

So what kind of things could you do with Paragon? Basically any variable or factor in the game could be edited by the player. Things like infinite cash, health, stamina, and invisibility were just the tip of the iceberg.

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That being considered, it’s not exactly hard to see why most players who don’t use cheats get so annoyed with those who do, as you’re breaking the game for everyone else and taking any excitement or competition completely out of the picture.

Paragon’s menu provided countless options for players to manipulate the online world.

So, how much do these cheat menus cost, and how much are Paragon’s users out now that it’s been abandoned? Thanks to some research, similar GTA Online mod menus sell for anywhere from €10 to €50 ($12 to $60), and some run even higher.

While this is definitely bad news for players who don’t feel like playing by the same rules as the rest of us, for everyone else it’s definitely nice to see at least some of the cheaters getting frustrated for once.

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