Massive GTA 6 leak gains credibility amid Rockstar’s official reveal

. 5 months ago
GTA 6 cover photo
Rockstar Games

A huge GTA 6 leak is gaining steam in the Grand Theft Auto community after several things in it were proven to be accurate and the game was confirmed to be in development by Rockstar.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting GTA 6 for many years now. Such anticipation has resulted in an onslaught of rumors, speculation, and leaks. Some, naturally, have proven to be more legitimate than others.

Despite information on the game being kept closely under wraps, such as if it will even be called GTA 6, a huge leak has resurfaced after Rockstar announced the next game in the series was underway.

As always, take this information with a grain of salt, but given the number of things it’s gotten right or have been mentioned by insiders, it’s worth a closer look.

GTA 5 Los Santos and GTA 5 Airport with GTA 6 logo
Will the GTA 6 leaks end up being true?

GTA 6 resurfaces after Rockstar announcement

The original leak posted to an imageboard site has been popping up quite a bit ever since Rockstar revealed that GTA 6 was on the way.

Notably, the leak claimed that an official announcement could come as early as 2022, and sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. Furthermore, the leaker correctly said that a remaster of GTA San Andreas would be coming to coincide with the GTA Trilogy anniversary.

Surprisingly, the leak was removed from the imageboard, which is a rare occurrence, suggesting there could be some validity to the claims made. According to the leaker, they have been working at Rockstar since 2004 and “knows the staff in every area of the dev team.”

The anonymous user went on to state that the game would in fact see the series return to Vice City with a couple of “on rails” missions taking place in Liberty City. The game would spawn a couple of time periods, beginning in the 1970s before transitioning to the 80s.

Reddit gta 6 leak
The supposed GTA 6 leak is a popular topic on Reddit.

Is the GTA 6 leak accurate?

It’s very interesting to note that the leak also claims that “storms and the weather effects are genuinely insane.” Rockstar Games job listings posted since have actually specifically asked for artists to help create effects such as “rain dripping off buildings” and “large scale destruction.”

Additionally, the leak states, “You can enter more buildings than RDR2 but there are still closed buildings as the game is very dense.”

As Rockstar Insider Tez2 hinted, GTA 6 could be using scrapped technology from Bully 2 to allow users to “access most if not all buildings or interiors we could see.”

Until Rockstar themselves confirm any of these features, remember this is just a rumor and it’s possible this was just yet another elaborate GTA 6 scheme. Still, if more information from this leak proves to be accurate, its stock will only continue to rise.

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