LIRIK explains why GTA RP is better with strict cops

LIRIK plays GTA RPRockstar Games/LIRIK

Popular Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid has made a compelling case for strict cops in GTA RP and how they make the experience better for everyone involved.

Cops are a bit of a necessary evil in NoPixel’s GTA RP server, arresting players who break the rules and adding some legitimate consequences to their actions.

LIRIK, who roleplays as the police officer Bayvon Barksdale, went into a bit of a rant about the need for police in GTA during an April 5 broadcast.

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According to the streamer, the key to a roleplay server being good comes down to the cop force.

gta online characterRockstar Games
Police provide real consequences in GTA RP.

“If there is not a good cop force, the RP sucks balls,” the streamer explained. “If the cops are more strict and cooler, you feel the consequences stronger.”

He further added that players really feel the heat and become more immersed in the experience when there real stakes on the line.

“You feel your heart. It beats f***ing faster. If it’s dumbass two cops who don’t give a sh*t and they’re like ‘haha oh’ it’s not as fun,” he added.

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Zahid’s point is an interesting one. Some of the best moments in GTA RP history have come because the cops took things seriously. Who could forget when xQc stole a police car that had two officers hiding inside the trunk waiting to set him up?

Moments like that have made NoPixel content some of Twitch’s best in recent months and there are no signs of it stopping anytime soon.

“If [the cops] take it more serious, you feel the authority,” LIRIK concluded. “The authority is what makes you think or make your f**king hands shake. But that’s the beauty of RP.”

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It’s definitely worth saying that a lot of the GTA RP drama has stemmed from police being strict and how players are punished for breaking the law. While some may find the policing a bit overboard, it’s hard to argue that the stakes are high, which in turn leads to more wild shenanigans.

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