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Leaker claims GTA Remasters “looks the same” with minimal changes

Published: 12/Oct/2021 11:24

by Sam Comrie


Grand Theft Auto fans are cautiously waiting for their first look at the remastered GTA trilogy after Rockstar Games promised to deliver “graphical improvements and modern gameplay enhancements” to these classic titles. However, fans may need to temper their expectations. 

Remasters are the next big trend it seems, as Rockstar Games are following in the steps of Demon’s Souls, Alan Wake, and others with their Definitive Edition of the original GTA trilogy.

Collecting GTA 3, Vice City, and franchise gold standard, San Andreas together in a polished package, the remastered versions are set to potentially debut in December.

The notion of a revamped trio is enticing, especially for long-time fans, but it seems fans may need to temper their expectations when it comes to just how notable these changes are.


GTA Remastered Trilogy
Rockstar Games
San Andreas remains the go-to title in the original trilogy.

Leaker claims GTA trilogy will “look the same”

It is widely known at this point that Rockstar’s Dundee studio has brought the original Renderware-made games into the Unreal 4 engine. Due to just how old the original games are, re-working them in their original engine simply couldn’t be done due to stabilization issues. So just how fresh and modernized will the Definitive Edition look?

According to a supposed leaker, the upcoming remasters will “largely look the same” with “slight enhancements to faces, better animations, and overall better lighting.” This might be disappointing to some fans who were looking for something more akin to the realism of GTA 5 or Red Dead Redemption 2.


Nonetheless, the leaker also claims that enhancements to the now-dated shooting mechanics have been implemented to have a more GTA 4 / GTA 5 feel: “Shooting has a free aim and auto-aim mode that feels more like IV and V, along with a classic mode with the old lock on controls.”


Interestingly, GTACheaterMan also notes that the supposedly high launch price of over $50 is just a placeholder and the games will between “$29.99 or $39.99.” With the trilogy releasing across a large range of platforms, it would make sense for the next-gen versions to be in the higher bracket.

Rockstar Games have yet to officially debut any footage from the GTA Definitive Edition trilogy, but when they do, you can be sure we’ll have the latest information.