Leaker claims GTA Remastered Trilogy will release later than first expected

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GTA Remastered Trilogy
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A reliable leaker has claimed that GTA fans may be waiting longer than expected for the Remastered Trilogy, with the title potentially set to release in 2022.

Although a lot of Rockstar fans are eagerly awaiting the official announcement of GTA 6, others are more excited to take a trip back in time and revisit a few of the classic titles from the franchise.

With GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas all confirmed to be receiving the remastered treatment in a trilogy package, it’ll be a chance for players to experience some incredible nostalgia and see each of the games in a new light.

However, despite reports from Kotaku that the game is expected to release in late October or early November, a leaker has voiced their doubts over whether the game will be ready by that time frame.

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Rockstar Games
GTA 6 is yet to be officially announced by Rockstar.

Leaker claims GTA Remastered Trilogy could release in 2022

While the projected release date for the Remastered Trilogy has been reported as late October to early November, a leaker has claimed that the game may launch a little later than expected.

According to reliable gaming insider Tom Henderson, he has doubts over whether the Trilogy will be ready for 2021. instead, suggesting that it may arrive next year.

“The only difference is that I don’t believe the launch time frame is correct… sometime in 2022”.

While this may be disappointing news to some GTA fans, it wouldn’t be surprising given the amount of work that goes into fully remastering three separate titles.

It’s key Rockstar get these remasters perfect, as players are already familiar with the game environments they’ll be exploring in the Trilogy, so there’s no room for error.

Of course, this leak should be taken with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed by the devs themselves.

However, this should just act as a reminder to not be surprised if the game releases in 2022 instead of this year.