Leaker claims GTA Remastered Trilogy set to be delayed with GTA 5 update

Sam Comrie. Last updated: Sep 03, 2021
GTA Remasters
Rockstar Games

GTA 5 is hitting next-gen this November and the original trilogy is getting remastered, however, fans might have to wait a bit longer to revisit Vice City and Liberty City. 

Grand Theft Auto 5 is an unstoppable force. Going strong since its release eight years ago, the GTA 5 train keeps on chugging. GTA Online is booming more than ever and there is brand-new content just around the corner that should breathe more life into the game as it finally hits next-gen.

However, there is also the remastered trilogy looming large too. Fans are set to head back to Liberty City and Vice City at some point, replaying the old stories.

Yet, while the wait wasn’t expected to last too long, it might not happen as soon as fans are expecting.

GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas main characters
Rockstar Games
The genre defining trilogy is due for a next-gen makeover.

GTA remasters delayed till 2022?

Speaking with TheMW2Ghost on the Gold Gold Podcast, notable industry leaker Tom Henderson has dropped some new remaster information. Discussing the state of Rockstar Games’ upcoming slate, Henderson has “heard different” to reports that state the GTA trilogy remasters will drop this year.

“This isn’t just a quick something to bide time,” said Henderson’s co-host on the importance of the remaster.

Commenting on how likely it is to see these fresh takes on the trilogy, TheMW2Ghost said “to release a banger like the trilogy remaster, even in the same year, is weird”. Adding more to the speculated release date, Henderson thinks “we’ll see them next year”.

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With Sony changing their State of Play showcase into the PlayStation Showcase, fans hope Rockstar will shed more light with fresh footage. However, Rockstar Games have always been notorious for their secrecy. Taking years to perfect their releases, at most there could be GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced Edition gameplay.

The latter seems more likely, as the November release date draws closer. As for the remastered trilogy, keep checking back in with us as more developments arrive in the coming months.