YouTuber Kwebbelkop reveals his real life GTA 5 penthouse worth $7.5m

Philip Trahan
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Kwebblekop / Rockstar Games

YouTuber and influencer Jordi Maxim van den Bussche, more commonly known as ‘Kwebbelkop,’ gave a tour of his staggering GTA 5-esque penthouse that costs $7.5m.

There have been plenty of content creators and influencers who have purchased incredibly lavish mansions and apartments over the years, like the Paul brothers’ $21 million Miami penthouses.

While not every content creator enjoys sees the value in chasing these lavish homes, as Amouranth explained after nearly purchasing Rihanna’s former mansion, many creators who’ve done well for themselves seem to go all out.

Recently, Jordi Maxim can den Bussche, known as ‘Kwebbelkop‘ online, gave Dexerto a full tour of his GTA 5-inspired penthouse that cost him $7.5 million to put together.

Kwebbelkop’s $7.5m penthouse

A screenshot of YouTube Kwebbelkop.
YouTube: kwebbelkop
Kwebbelkop is most well-known for his successful GTA 5 content which helped boost him to nearly 15 million subscribers on YouTube.

First, Kwebbelkop showed off the two lounge areas of the apartment, featuring massive widescreen TVs, game consoles, and an enormous ‘U’ shaped couch.

In the early portion of the tour, Kwebbelkop showed off various interesting art and furniture pieces, like a $40,000 smart piano that plays itself thanks to a wall-mounted tablet.

The apartment also features a $45,000 collectibles shelf, featuring books and memorabilia that are special to the GTA 5 content creator, including his 10m subscriber diamond play button.

Kwebbelkop reminisced about when he first surpassed 10m subscribers three years ago, calling it a “grind that was out of this world.”

Though the content creator notes he is doubtful he’ll hit his next goal of 100m subscribers anytime soon, he still seems incredibly enthusiastic about the possibility of reaching it someday.

The tour continues with several other lavish areas of the penthouse, like an indoor bonsai garden area, his balcony jacuzzi pool, and his penthouse gym.

Those interested in checking out the full house tour should certainly check out the Dexerto Originals channel for the full video, as well as coverage of other influencer-related stories.