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Is GTA 6 set in Canada? Metal Gear voice actor sparks speculation

Published: 23/May/2020 1:22

by Brent Koepp


Metal Gear Solid voice actor David Hayter sent the Grand Theft Auto rumor mill into overdrive after a tweet appeared to suggest GTA 6 might actually take place in Canada. 

With still no official announcement in sight, players have been desperate to learn any little detail they can about GTA 6. From fake trailers, to an abundance of debunked rumors, we are no closer to knowing anything about the upcoming title.

However, voice actor David Hayter had fans going wild when he tweeted about the popular franchise. The industry veteran had some believing that the next game could take place in Canada of all places – before explaining what he actually meant.


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Past rumors have suggested GTA 6 will revisit Vice City.

GTA 6 in Canada?

The last place most players might think about when envisioning GTA 6 is Canada. However, on May 21, the veteran voice actor fueled speculation when he made a post on Twitter about the sixth installment.

Hayter simply posted “GTAVI” with the hashtag “#TORONTO.” The tweet quickly went viral as players began to ask him what he meant. At the time of writing, the post has over 3.9k likes.

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Twitter: @DavidBHayter
The voice actor fueled speculation about GTA 6’s location with a tweet.

After the response, the actor replied to clear things up hours later. He explained that he wasn’t hinting at anything officially, rather he was making a suggestion of where he would like to see the game take place in.


“To avoid an internet incident…this was just a suggestion,” he followed up, while also including a gif of the Canadian city. Unfortunately, this will unlikely stop some from speculating that this was a “hint,” despite his denial.

Twitter: @DavidBHayter
Hayter clarified that he wasn’t dropping a hint, but was offering a suggestion instead.

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So as fast as the rumor got started, it was just as quick to get shot down. If nothing else, his Canada suggestion was certainly something new. So far, rumors have been anywhere from Vice City to London – and even South America.

At this point, the best GTA 6 hint so far comes from Michael’s voice actor Ned Luke who slammed leaks, and exclaimed “DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING that you see on the internet!” which seems like pretty sound advice at this point.