Insider explains why Rockstar might delay GTA 6 after official trailer announcement

gta 6 logo on carRockstar Games

A gaming insider has shared his prediction for when GTA 6 will finally release and a possible announcement trailer.

Rockstar Games has been quiet about GTA 6 for months now despite a devastating leak revealing developmental footage of the game including gameplay and confirmation that the series will return to Vice City.

As fans grow eager for the company to unveil the game properly, there have been a handful of rumors since, including details about the long-awaited announcement trailer.

Although these new rumors have yet to materialize, notable insider Tom Henderson has since weighed in on GTA 6 and theorized when it will be announced, but also that there will be an inevitable delay.

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Lucia loading screen in GTA 6Rockstar Games/Twitter/Casanova
Fans are waiting for Rockstar to finally announce GTA 6.

Rockstar insider believes GTA 6 will be delayed

In a thread on Twitter, Tom Henderson noted that while he doesn’t know when GTA 6 will be revealed, there are signs pointing towards a reveal trailer this year.

According to Henderson, based on past reveals, Rockstar could be gearing up to announce the game with a trailer in late October or early November just before Take-Two’s 2024 earnings call.

The insider further predicted that Rockstar will announce a 2024 release dare, but warned that a delay is “inevitable” and it will be pushed back to 2025.

“Current-gen console market by 2024 will be sufficient enough to make GTA 6 the hit it needs to be, but I think they won’t mind giving the market another year and ensuring the same is the best it can be,” he remarked.

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Whether or not GTA 6 ends up releasing by 2025 remains to be seen, but with Rockstar delaying both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 in the past, history seems to suggest that trend will continue.

We’ll have to see what Rockstar has in store and if a GTA VI reveal finally comes later this year as anticipated.