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How to unlock free Yacht Captain outfit in GTA Online

Published: 15/Aug/2020 15:01

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players who own a Galaxy Super Yacht can benefit and unlock a free Yacht Captain outfit following the Summer Special update. Here’s how. 

On August 11, Rockstar Games rolled out their annual summer update in the form of the Los Santos Summer Special. In the new update, the devs included 15 new cars, a whole host of new missions for Adversary Mode and Business Battles, as well as a new set of collectibles in the form of Solomon’s stolen Movie Props

On top of all that, they are made the Galaxy Super Yachts pretty useful. In the past, owners of the $5,000,000 yachts could flaunt their wealth by sitting off the coast of Los Santos and hosting parties. Though, bar that, they weren’t much use.

Now, there are six new missions to play that include the yachts, but you also need the Yacht Captain outfit to really complete the look. 

Yacht in GTA
Rockstar Games
If you own a Super Yacht in GTA Online, you’re going to have a great summer.

How to get GTA Online’s Yacht Captain outfit

It is actually really simple to unlock the new outfit as unlocking it just centers around the new yacht-based missions.

You just need to complete all the new missions as the host of the session. You can complete them solo, so you don’t need to worry on that front, but if you play with friends, everyone who wants to unlock it will need to host the missions at some point. 

The new outfit looks just like you’d expect, a white shirt, black pants, black boat shoes, and a captain’s hat. Is it the most expensive or exclusive look we’ve seen in GTA Online? Not by a long shot, but it does let you flaunt that wealth a little more.

As noted, the missions can be completed by a solo player, so if that’s how play GTA Online, you don’t have to worry about partying up with randoms. 

If anything changes and the requirements for the outfit are tweaked, you’ll be ankle to find the latest breaking news and updates on Twitter @GTA_Intel.


Leaked GTA 5 UFO job is finally coming soon

Published: 23/Oct/2020 13:04

by Connor Bennett


A leaked GTA Online mission revolving around a new looks UFO finally looks set to be added to the game just inside for Halloween.

In every Grand Theft Auto game, there has some sort of secret that has caused the community to go wild and search for both clues and answers. With GTA V, that has been all about UFOs. 

Players have been searching high and low for some sort of Alien takeover or a controllable UFO, but for the most part, they’ve come up with nothing – bar the floating UFOs that appeared in the early days of the game’s release. 

However, in recent months, players have been able to crack the code on one GTA Online job that revolves around a new look UFO and the Fort Zancudo location.

GTA UFO easter egg
GTA Series Videos, YouTube
UFOs have been all the rage in GTA.

GTA Online UFO Business Battle mission

The Business Battle, which was uncovered by The Game File Gurus back at the end of August, showed that players would need to head to the hangar in Fort Zancudo and collect spaceship parts. 

Ever since the job was uncovered, players have been asking when it would be released, and it looks like it could be coming soon. On October 22, Rockstar insider TezFun tweeted “Yes, most likely,” in response to a question that asked if the job would be available with the October 29 update.

“It makes sense for them to keep it till next week, to include Oct 31st within the event window,” Tez added, before further noting that the job is still disabled and being “reserved for next week.”

As Tez notes, the Halloween event still has juice left in it since it only went live on October 22, and should run until at least the beginning of November – where there will be another weekly update to bring it to a close.

Should the Business Battle be added, it could be a limited-time one like we’ve seen in the past, so you might have to act fast if you want to get involved. Though, only time will time how long it sticks around.