How to get The Gooch mask in GTA Online’s secret Christmas event: $25k bonus

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GTA Online has a new secret and random event for ‘The Gooch’ which lets players get themselves a brand-new mask. Here’s what you need to know.

When Rockstar Games dropped the Los Santos Drug Wars update back on December 13, many players were hoping that it would also bring the holiday spirit to Los Santos as well.

That didn’t happen, however, as players were tasked with helping Dax, Ron, and The Troupe get started on their path to becoming the new drug kingpins of Los Santos. Though, it hasn’t exactly been a long wait for the snow and holiday decorations to arrive.

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As of December 22nd, the holiday cheer has come to GTA Online and there is a new weapon to unlock in the form of the M29 Pistol. Though, there is also a Grinch-like character lurking in the shadows just waiting to ruin your day.

How to find The Gooch in GTA Online

That’s right, Rockstar are back with another movie reference by bringing The Grinch to GTA Online in the form of The Gooch.

It’s an NPC that will attack players like the mugger service usually does if you call Lamar. However, The Gooch works completely at random and attacks who they feel like rather than you being able to target someone with them.

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If you find yourself in the crosshairs of The Gooch, you’ll lose all the cash and snacks you have on you at the time. Though, they can be chased down after they attack and you have to kill them.

The first time you successfully deal with The Gooch and eliminate them, you’ll get their mask and a $25,000 reward.

  1. Join a GTA Online session with at least one other player
  2. Wait around 45 for The Gooch to attack
  3. Once they attack, chase them down
  4. Kill The Gooch
  5. Collect the mask off their body

Like with other events, there are two conditions to get The Gooch to spawn. You’ll have to be in a lobby with at least one other player and wait around 45 minutes for the event to get underway.

Once The Gooch attacks, fight back, get your stuff back, and claim their mask. It’s pretty simple. Just keep an eye out for them!

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