How to get free Master Penthouse at GTA Online’s casino with Twitch Prime Loot

. 3 years ago
Rockstar Games

GTA Online fans have been offered some awesome rewards this month, including a free Master Penthouse at the game’s new casino.

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GTA V fans are patiently waiting for July 23, when the game’s next update will introduce the Diamond Casino & Resort, a new building that will appear in the Los Santos skyline and provide players with more opportunities to make, and more likely lose, their hard-earned GTA cash.

Thankfully, Twitch Prime members will receive some free cash to play with at the Diamond Casino, and even get the keys to a Master Penthouse suite, but if you’re not sure how to get these awesome gifts, we’ve got a full guide to help you out.

Players will be able to play poker, roulette and more at the Diamond Casion and Resort.
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How to get free GTA Online Twitch Prime Loot

GTA Online players can get some free gear, but they’ll need to have Amazon Prime to make use of this offer.

Having Amazon Prime means you also receive Twitch Prime which offers sweet rewards on the broadcasting platform, including a free subscription which you can use on your favorite streamer, and a bunch of awesome content for a number of popular games.

To be eligible for this gift, players need to make sure their Rockstar Games account is linked to their Twitch account, which must be performed on the Rockstar Social Club website.

To do this:

  1. Go to Twitch and click on the Prime Loot symbol in the top right hand corner.
  2. Visit the Twitch Prime Loot page, and select Grand Theft Auto Online.
  3. You will then be taken to the Rockstar Social Club website. Sign in or create an account, and follow the instructions to link your accounts.
  4. Claim the bundle, and make sure you have completed the GTA Online tutorial.

Rockstar Social Club
Players need to link their Twitch and Rockstar Social Club accounts.
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What does the Grand Theft Auto Online Twitch Prime Loot include?

Twitch Prime users will receive a cool $1.25 million bonus to their bank accounts, which can be used in the Diamond Casino, or spent on fancy cars, weaponry or a new house for your character.

You’ll also get access to a free Master Penthouse inside the casino’s resort, giving you another location to spend your time or hide away from other players, alongside exclusive weekly discounts on premium items, and a 10% extra discount game-wide.

Rockstar Games
Players will get a Master Penthouse suite at the Diamonds Casino and Resort.
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When can I get my Twitch Prime Rewards?

Players can claim their Twitch Prime rewards starting today, but you won’t receive your free Master Penthouse until July 24, when the Diamond Casino and Resort officially opens for business in Los Santos.

You also have plenty of time to claim this gift, as it doesn’t expire until April 1, 2020, so don’t worry if you’re not around to immediately make use of this awesome offer.

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