How to fix skycam loading screen glitch in GTA Online

Published: 26/Aug/2020 10:58

by Matt Porter


GTA Online players are well accustomed to the mode’s skycam, but perhaps nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in that view, unable to hit the streets of Los Santos. Here’s how you can fix it and get back into the action. 

There’s no game that quite compares to GTA Online, from the sprawling map with a mix of desert and city to the heists and missions that players can take part in. It’s no surprise that almost seven years after its release, hundreds of thousands of players log on to fight and team up with other plays across San Andreas state.

Of course, no game is ever free from bugs, even if it’s been out for such a long period, and perhaps one of the most annoying issues that GTA Online players can encounter is one that doesn’t even let them hit the ground when loading into the game.

GTA's skycam looking down on Los Santos.
Getting stuck looking down at Los Santos can be frustrating.

When jumping into the game for the first time, or even just entering races or missions, players will be greeted with a loading screen which looks like a skycam, hovering above their last location before moving to wherever they need to go next.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes glitch out and remain in the sky, leaving players looking down at the streets of Los Santos, but unable to actually do anything. Of course, an easy way to fix this is to just close the app, but anyone who has played the game knows how long it takes to boot up. Thankfully, there’s a relatively simple fix for this without shutting the game down.

By simply tabbing out of the game and using the Resource Monitor built into your PC, you can suspend GTA 5 for a few seconds, resume it, and then return to your game to find yourself plopped back onto the ground. While this may sound confusing, we’ve included a step-by-step guide below to walk you through it.

How to use Resource Manager to fix GTA Online’s ‘Stuck in the sky’ glitch

  1. Tab out of Grand Theft Auto 5, press ‘ctrl + alt + delete,’ and open Task Manager.
  2. Select Networking, then Resource Monitor.
  3. Find GTA 5, and suspend it for 15 seconds.
  4. Resume GTA 5, tab back into the game, and you should find yourself back on the streets of Los Santos in seconds.

This trick only works on PC, so if you’re struggling with this problem on PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll just have to close the game to solve this, at least until someone figures out an alternative for consoles.

For PC players though, this is an incredibly handy trick and is the perfect way to end the suffering when you’re staring down at everyone having fun in the streets of Los Santos without you.


GreekGodx banned again from NoPixel GTA RP server amid toxicity drama

Published: 24/Feb/2021 20:33

by Theo Salaun


One of the more infamous figures in NoPixel’s GTA RP server, GreekGodx, has been banned for a second time due to drama surrounding repeated rule-breaking toxicity.

The “Tay Tay Tyrone” saga may be over, as GreekGodx’s now-notorious Grand Theft Auto roleplay character has been banned from the NoPixel 3.0 server. In a clip shared to Reddit, players revealed that Tay Tay would probably not be returning to “the city,” which Greek elaborated on in detail during his own stream.

As it stands, the rationale behind this ban is unclear. What is known is that Greek and the server’s admins discussed the situation and subsequently agreed upon cutting off his involvement for the time being.

This follows numerous incidents in which he was found to violate the server’s rules by repeatedly making other players uncomfortable, despite them asking him to stop. In the most notable example, he was originally banned for constantly calling other characters “thick,” despite complaints.

That original ban was subject to various reactions, including summit1g’s, who found that the appliance of behavioral rules to the server was a tricky situation. He noted some inherent difficulties, namely, ensuring that such rules are applied to everyone and not just high-profile streamers.

As for the new ban, it’s not precisely clear what prompted it — but fans on Reddit seem to believe that it’s due to a general culture clash between Greek’s expectations of the server and NoPixel’s community goals. 

Tay Tay banned from RPClipsGTA

During his own February 23 Twitch stream, Greek explored the issue in some more detail: “They’ve put me on ‘cooldown,’ because of the drama and shit. So even if I want to play, I can’t because I agreed on a cooldown.”

So he is banned from the server, but the decision appears to have been amicably settled on and therefore temporary. As for the differences in mindset, he also shared some details on why he feels the server is at odds with his content. 

Noting that the behavioral rules make much of the streamed content simply feel like a “Discord call,” Greek explained his wishes for NoPixel’s RP: “I get it: rules are rules. But people need to be a little bit more wild…a little bit more action … It needs to be a little more reckless … a little bit more crazy, to make it a little bit more exciting.”