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How to fix GTA Online’s glitched vehicle delivery missions

Published: 28/Sep/2020 10:11

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players believe they’ve got a fix that could solve a few issues with the different bugged vehicle delivery missions. 

For the most part, Grand Theft Auto Online runs pretty smoothly. Players drop in hoping to make some money by completing jobs and then build up a successful criminal empire – be it through businesses or heists.

However, in recent weeks, there have been a number of issues plaguing the game. These have included players receiving the completely wrong payouts on Diamond Casino heists as well as MK II Oppressor’s being able to go invisible

There has been an issue where players have been unable to complete bunker sale jobs and though Rockstar said they dropped a hotfix, the issues have spread to other missions.


Rockstar Games
Import and Export missions require you to steal a number of different cars.

The bug is pretty simple, when you and try complete a mission through delivering a car to a certain spot, the game won’t register the car as being in the right area.

However, according to Reddit user hoqzi, there might just be a solid way to fix it. You simply need to go about the mission as normal, but as you hit the yellow circle at the drop-off spot, you need to bring up the GTA Online menus.

Apparently, if you sit inside the drop off zone, and hover over the players section, the game will reload and trigger the end of the mission.


GTA Online bugged delivery missions fix

  1. Go about a vehicle delivery mission as normal
  2. Drive into the yellow circle at the end
  3. Open up the GTA Online menus
  4. Go to players and stay there
  5. Wait for a few seconds and the mission should complete

Possible fix for delivery not being accepted from gtaonline

Its a somewhat similar trick to the one that skips a whole load of time when you complete import/export missions, but this seems to work for any delivery job. 

As noted, Rockstar said that they had pushed out a hotfix to fix the issue for bunker sales, but it remains to be seen if they’ll b able to patch the problem entirely.