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How to fix GTA Online ban bug following ‘cheating’ alert screen

Published: 12/Apr/2022 2:27

by Alan Bernal


GTA Online players are still getting hit with random ban messages while others claim to have had their characters deleted. Here’s what to do if you get hit with the GTA Online ban message.

Rockstar Games have been working through a glitch that’s sending players full-screen messages warning them not to cheat in GTA Online. At first, these can seem like nothing more than a simple message that you bypass.

But some players claim to have had their accounts and characters deleted shortly after transitioning from GTA V’s story mode to the game’s online mode.

The studio has since addressed some of these concerns but assured their audience that these messages do not directly lead to a ban themselves.


How to fix GTA Online ban bug

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Rockstar Games
GTA Online players are logging into the game to find alert screen messages warning them to avoid using cheats.

GTA Online players experiencing problems with their account after encountering random ‘cheat’ messages should contact Rockstar support immediately.

The GTA devs told players that the alert screen is simply an error from Rockstar Games Services and didn’t have larger implications.

Still, some people have speculated that the screen could be linked to an IP address ban that could be affecting some people.

In any case, this would not be an intentional effect from the dev’s side, so it should be a simple matter to overturn the issue using Rockstar Support.

To submit a GTA Online report:

  • Go to Rockstar Support
  • Navigate to GTA 5 report page
  • Submit a ticket with detailed report
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Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games advised against worrying about randon ‘cheat’ alert screens popping up in GTA Online.

Per the studio’s guidance, if you encounter the alert screen then simply hit ‘OK’ when prompted and it should load you into the game like normal.


It’s unclear if the studio plans to investigate any link between the error message and random disruptions in gameplay some players are reporting.

For now, GTA Online players will have to rely on Rockstar’s support services to resolve any issues, should they come up.