How to find Beached Whales in GTA Online: Cayo Perico location & spawn rate

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GTA Online Whale location
Rockstar Games

Beached whales are a rare wildlife encounter in GTA Online and there’s only a select set of locations where they can be found.

The world of GTA Online is absolutely massive and there are countless secrets for the community to uncover as long as they keep their eyes peeled.

While some players prefer to cause havoc in the urban sprawl of Los Santos or race the fastest cars the game has to offer, there are others that like to seek out rare encounters which can sometimes come in the form of wildlife.

One creature that is rarely spotted in GTA Online is the Humpback Whale, with the live and beached versions of the animal only appearing in select locations.

Although searching for whales isn’t every player’s idea of fun, it’s definitely an encounter worth ticking off your GTA Online bucket list.


Where to find Beached Whales in GTA Online

Cayo Perico whale location
Rockstar Games
Here’s where the Whale is located on Cayo Perico.

While live Humpback Whales can be spotted near Del Perro Pier and Paleto Bay, there’s only one spawn for a Beached Whale in the entire game and it’s on Cayo Perico.

As showcased on the map above, a single beached Humpback Whale can be found on the northeastern side of Cayo Perico next to the fishing jetty on the beach.

Although it’s an extremely sad sight, it’s an encounter that a lot of GTA players haven’t experienced so it’s well worth checking out if you’re on the island.

However, it’s worth noting that the whale will not be there every time you visit Cayo Perico, so how rare is it?

Beached Whale spawn rate in GTA Online

Whales GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Whales can only be found in certain locations on the GTA Online map.

Luckily, the Beached Whale has a 50% chance of spawning while you’re exploring Cayo Perico, so it shouldn’t take you too long before you get a chance to see it.

While it has no purpose in-game, it’s another incredibly detailed addition by Rockstar that the fans always appreciate.

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