How to buy furniture in GTA Online: GTA 5 warehouses

Rockstar Games

GTA Online has an endless list of businesses that you can acquire, making it easier to generate more money. The Wholesale Furniture business is a worthy addition to your purchases, so here’s how to get it. 

Despite several delays, GTA Online has kicked off a new chapter for its longevity on next-gen consoles. Whether you’re starting a new adventure or diving back into the game again, businesses are an essential method for gaining cash quickly.

The Wholesale Furniture location is one of many Crate Warehouses used to store hundreds of crates.


an image of crates in GTA OnlineRockstar Games
Using the Wholesale Furniture warehouse to store crates makes the task easier.

Can you buy furniture in GTA Online?

As much as player may want to change up their homes and businesses, unfortunately, Rockstar Games haven’t introduced dedicated customization for pieces of furniture in GTA Online.

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While players can pick from presets to determine the aesthetic for their businesses, the developers had yet to add deeper options to choose from.

However, while furniture may not be available to direct use, players can purchase furniture warehouses in GTA Online to store crates. Crates can be sold later down to the line to net a tidy profit.

How to buy the Wholesale Furniture crate warehouse in GTA Online

If you’ve been coming across crates in GTA Online and need a place to store them, then the Wholesale Furniture warehouse in East Los Santos is a great purchase. Before you can acquire the location, here are a few steps to follow:

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  1. Boot up GTA Online and head into a multiplayer lobby
  2. Once you’re in the game, register as a CEO through SecuroServ 
  3. Use the computer in your office
  4. Find the SecuroServ Special Cargo Network
  5. Purchase the Wholesale Furniture crate warehouse for $1,900,000

Owning an office is essential for this purchase, so you may need to raise some funds beforehand to purchase one. The warehouse will be able to store up to 111 crates, ranging between Small, Medium, and Large.

Now you’re ready to purchase the Wholesale Furniture warehouse. In the meantime, check out our other GTA Online guides:

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