GTA 5 player pulls off historic “no-damage” story run in record time

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In one of the more ambitious GTA 5 playthroughs yet, one daring player has done the impossible, clearing the entire single-player game without taking a single bit of damage.

When it comes to video game challenges, players are always looking to one-up each other in bold new ways. Speedrunning has only become more and more popular over the years as a result. Beyond setting new world records, a certain few are often trying to push the boundaries even further.

We’ve seen streamers making their own ridiculous controllers to up the ante. We’ve also seen flawless runs through gaming’s most challenging titles. In the latest historic feat, we now have an impeccable GTA 5 playthrough in the books.

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UnNameD set about playing through the 2013 release in an entirely unique way. Not only did they look to clear the storyline at an impressive pace, but they tried to do so without taking a single hit of damage.

After almost 50 attempts, they finally got it done on May 16.

GTA 5 final sequenceYouTube: UnNameD
UnNameD made it all the way through to GTA 5’s final sequence without taking any damage.

From dangerous shootouts to platforming and driving sequences, they had to play the entire game without ever making a mistake. A single bullet flying their way or an accidental collision on the road would have resulted in an immediate failure.

Thanks to a punishing mod on the PC version, the moment they sustained damage, the game instantly killed them to make it clear. After weeks of trying, GTA 5’s first-ever flawless run is now in the books.

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“One Hit Knock Out. 1 HP. No Trevor ability. No armors. 0 deaths. On my 48th attempt, I’ve finally got it,” they shared on YouTube.

One of the most popular challenges in the GTA community of late, UnNameD wasn’t the only person pushing to be first. Popular YouTuber DarkViperAU was also among the contenders with dozens of attempts at a perfect playthrough.

Every section of the game was tackled with a particular strategy as to make for the most time-efficient run possible.

You can watch the entire run right here to see just how they accomplished the historic no-hit playthrough.

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