Hated GTA 5 character could be set to return in GTA 6

GTA 5 characters with heads in handsRockstar Games

Rockstar Games could bring back a character from GTA 5 and GTA Online in GTA 6 after fans believe they’ve found a teaser about them. 

Even though there have been a number of significant gameplay leaks around GTA 6, fans of Rockstar’s iconic franchise have still got plenty of questions about the next installment. 

We know that it’s happening in Vice City – or at least, an expanded part of the original Vice City – and that there will be two protagonists. Beyond that, though, you’ll have to go searching for clues and come up with theories of your own for most other things. 

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Some fans believe they’ve cracked part of the code on what the story will revolve around, especially as activities have been leaked, but others are still theorizing. And, those theories have only been added to following the Last Dose missions in GTA Online. So, spoiler warning if you’ve not played them through. 

GTA 5’s ​​Dr. Friedlander could make return in GTA 6

So, if you’ve played through the final set of missions for Dax and The Troupe in the Los Santos Drug Wars, you’ll have spotted ​​Dr. Friedlander from the main story. He’s Michael’s therapist, who players have the option to kill in-game. Though, even if you do kill him, he somehow survived to make it into the new update.

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As Gaming Detective on Twitter spotted, there are lines in the mission dialogues talking about him moving to South America. 

This, some believe, links to GTA 6 given the much-talked-about codename of ‘Project Americas’ and supposed links to the drug trade that will likely play a part in the story. “Since he survived, it’s a very real possibility we see him return in GTA 6,” Gaming Detective said.

Some fans quickly voiced their dismay at this idea, given their not exactly the biggest fans of the character. 

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“I’m not fond of Dr. Friedlander turning from “crap therapist” into some kind of “drug lord,” said one. “God he is so boring, I hope Rockstar moves on from him,” added another. 

As noted, confirmed details about GTA 6 are thin on the ground, but Rockstar does like to add a few nods to the previous games. So, its plausible, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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