Handy GTA Online tip saves personal vehicles from being lost & destroyed

GTA Online cars in storageRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online players can use a handy trick to save their cars from being impounded by police or destroyed by trolls while they’re out and about in Los Santos.

As anyone who has dropped into GTA Online at least once will know, your personal vehicles are your pride and joy. Some players have built up huge collections with some of the rarest and most expensive cars in-game taking pride of place.

But what happens when you take them out on the road? You become a target for trolls. Either someone will chase you down on an MKII Oppressor or if you park up for a few seconds, you’ll have explosives hanging off your window.

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However, with the recent Los Santos Summer Special update, Rockstar have added new measures that were previously only available to owners of the Mobile Operations Center.

GTA Online Summer Special update carsRockstar Games
Some GTA Online players have huge car collections and want to preserve them.

How to save personal vehicles in GTA Online from being lost or destroyed

That’s right, if you’re worried about your car being destroyed by trolls or picked up and impounded by the Los Santos Police Department, you can simply use your interaction menu to save yourself a headache.

If you head there and then scroll down to vehicles, every player will now have the option to return their personal vehicle to storage. 

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It doesn’t matter how far away you are from your car or if someone has picked it up for joy ride, as long as it isn’t completely destroyed or impounded, you can use the quick option to save yourself a headache.

  1. Open up the interactions menu – hold the back button on Xbox and PS5
  2. Scroll down to vehicles
  3. Click ‘Return personal vehicle to storage’
  4. Wait a few seconds and your car will head to the safety of your garage


On top of that, you can also set preferences on the personal vehicles that you’d like to call out from your garage. This is handy given that you can save some time instead of calling the mechanic or Merryweather. 

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So, the next time you’re out and about in Los Santos and worried about getting your vehicle home safe, remember to sue the interactions menu to send it back in a flash.

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