GTA V single player is being taken over by alien UFOs

. 2 years ago
Rockstar Games

Aliens have been causing chaos in GTA Online, but thanks to a strange problem, one player has also had their single-player mode infected by them.

GTA Online has gone through many fads during its time, with players doing everything from holding car shows, to only fighting with baseball bats, and with the most recent coming in the form of aliens.

The extraterrestrial beings had come because players had been donning green and purple alien suits – though GTA Online fans were left pretty upset by what should have been an epic final battle. Yet, for one player, the fight against the aliens doesn’t appear to be over as they’ve followed them into single-player.

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GTA Online players went crazy with the alien war craze.

The strange phenomenon was pointed out by Reddit user Furfty who noted that after leaving a session of GTA Online, aliens had come with them into the single-player story mode.

Now, this isn’t some crazy glitch where the whole of Los Santos was dressed up in green or purple suits. Instead, the sky behind Furfty, who had been playing as Franklin at the time, was chock full of the UFOs that are supposed to fly above Mount Chiliad at certain times during the day. 

The Redditor even noted that Los Santos had been going a bit crazy as well with cars randomly blowing up while screeching around the road.

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While the problem was pretty strange, and hilarious to some, one player pointed out that this had happened due to a hacker being in their most recent GTA Online session.

“Someone turned my friend into Mount Chiliad,” explained Redditor antoniorondao. “He switched sessions, still Mount Chiliad. Went into story mode, still Mount Chiliad. Restarted the game, it was finally gone”

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With the problem stemming from a hack, it might be difficult for Rockstar to root it and get a fix in place.

Though, players will no doubt be hoping that a fix is sorted out because single player is meant to be an escape from those pesky hackers.

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