GTA San Andreas modder adds Johnny Depp with hilarious Pirates crossover

Emma Hill
Captain Jack Sparrow in GTA San Andreas with logo
Rockstar Games/Disney

A GTA San Andreas player had fans in hysterics after they swapped the Turismo for the Black Pearl by adding Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow into the game. However, he wasn’t the only cameo to make an appearance.

Mod-makers have helped breathe new life into some classic games including Skyrim, CS: GO, and various titles from the GTA franchise.

Players have been tearing through the streets of GTA San Andreas since its release in 2004. It’s thanks to the amazing work of modders who have helped keep the game alive for all these years.

One player went to the next level and brought the 18th century to the 1990s by modding Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise into the game. However, they still managed to refer to very modern events as they also included Amber Heard’s Mera from ‘Aquaman’ in the mod.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard during famous court hearing
Court TV
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial case dominated the internet before Depp won the case against his ex-wife.

Jack Sparrow modded into GTA San Andreas

On June 27, Reddit-user ‘Mathiasxd148’ shared a clip from a mod featuring the famed pirate Captain Jack Sparrow causing chaos around GTA San Andreas, including driving the Black Pearl through the streets and up into the air.

However, he is closely pursued by Mera who chases after him on an Uber Eats motorbike. She then catapults into the ocean where she meets Aquaman.

Although, she then meets an unfortunate end along with Sparrow who plummets to the ground as the Black Pearl spins and crashes into the ground below.

The clip was made by Chilean YouTuber ‘REX the GEX‘ who has created a plethora of genius crossovers thanks to his GTA modding skills. For instance, he also recreated the infamous Oscars 2022 moment when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the ceremony.


Reddit users praised the modder for their work. As one viewer stated: “I love the modding community of this game lmao.” Another agreed saying: “and this, my friends, is the reason why pc gaming will always be the best experience.”

GTA San Andreas may not be the newest game on the market. However, given the incredible work going into modding the game, there will likely be plenty more crossovers with the title to come before GTA 6 is finally released.