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GTA RP streamer’s hilarious slipup in NoPixel gets him in trouble with his girlfriend

Published: 1/May/2021 22:00

by Julian Young


While streaming NoPixel GTA RP on Twitch, content creator ‘Deansocool’ found himself in hot water with his girlfriend due to the unfortunate timing of a discussion about another player’s panties.

The GTA RP craze continues to dominate Twitch, with daily viewer numbers for the category regularly breaking half a million. Content creators are in constant competition to claim a coveted spot on the NoPixel server — arguably the most popular roleplaying server available.

Even though not all of the applications are accepted, a substantial number of creators still make it into the server together, leading to plenty of hilarious moments in the months since NoPixel’s popularity first skyrocketed.


In a perfect example of how NoPixel generates a constant stream of content for streamers (and their viewers), content creator Deansocool landed himself in the hot seat during one his streams after his girlfriend overhead a discussion about another GTA RP player’s underwear.

Deansocool NoPixel GTA RP Stream Girlfriend
Twitch / Deansocool
Deansocool quickly found himself under fire from his girlfriend after the hilarious slipup.

Deansocool busted by girlfriend during GTA RP stream

In his Twitch stream on April 30, the content creator found himself driving around in a truck with several fellow RP’ers. While cruising around the city of Los Santos, the group found themselves discussing another character on the server, Molly Minaj.

Dean was quick to jump into the conversation, but quickly found himself under fire for doing so. “Oh I got her panties!” he exclaimed, and just happened to shout that particular sentence out right as his girlfriend Sarah walked by in real-life.


She stopped in her tracks and immediately looked over at the streamer for an explanation. As Dean turned around and realized his mistake, he quickly jumped into damage control mode: “Wait, no, no, no! I’m talking about in the game, in the game!”

Unfortunately, Sarah seemed unconvinced and Dean covered his face and began laughing as she walked away. His chat immediately exploded with laughter, and viewers began teasing the streamer by spamming “Caught in 4k!”

His fellow NoPixel players also joined in on the roasting, and Dean continued to laugh at himself and try to recover from his blunder, shouting to his girlfriend “I swear to god it’s in the game! Molly is a rapper in the game!”


“So you bought it [the underwear]?” Sarah asked, to which he responded “I didn’t buy it, she gave it to me!” She did not seem convinced by his answer, and Dean slumped down into his chair with a hand over his face as the roasting from Twitch chat and his friends continued.

Molly Minaj is a well-known persona on the NoPixel server, and it appears this is where Dean obtained the piece of clothing from. Whether or not Sarah came around about the situation remains to be seen, but, either way, it’s another perfect example of peak NoPixel content.