GTA RP streamer Whippy’s story takes another positive turn after inking Twitch deal

whippy-twitch-dealTwitter: Whippy

GTA RP streamer Whippy, who used to stream while living in a shed on his mother’s property, signed an exclusivity deal with Twitch, marking another huge step in his career on the platform.

Whippy’s viewers are well aware of the dedicated role-player’s ability to charm an audience. With 487,000 followers on Twitch, the 22-year-old is a staple of the NoPixel community.

Now proving his worth to the platform, he confirmed that he’s put pen to paper and signed a multi-year exclusivity deal with the Amazon-owned platform.

This comes just a year after the streamer announced he was able to finally move out of the shed he lived in on his mum’s property in rural New South Wales, the pinnacle of the Outback.

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The announcement video itself throws joking jabs at Ludwig’s YouTube announcement video. Combining the comparisons between cars and streaming platforms with GTA-style selection choices.

With Whippy’s mum’s mortgage being a consistent discussion point in the Australian’s community, he utilized his announcement video to thank his community “Now, thanks to them, not only do I have my own home, so does my mum.”

As well as giving viewers a thoroughly heart-warming experience, the video reveal also shows a Whippy merch drop, an oversized hoodie absolutely covered in classic Australian icons, memeified for Whippy’s audience.

Fans of the streamer were absolutely stoked with the news. As seen in this reply to his announcement: “Couldn’t be happier for a more deserving individual. One of the most selfless content creators out there. Absolutely amazing bloke.”

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Though no specifics have been released on the terms of the exclusivity deal with Twitch, Whippy makes it clear he’s reached a financially happy place in his career. Stating “This big decision was an extremely easy one to make.”