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GTA RP streamer LadyHope banned from Twitch after reading xQc fans’ hate mail

Published: 5/May/2021 12:26 Updated: 5/May/2021 13:36

by Alex Garton


GTA RP streamer LadyHope has been banned from Twitch after reading out a hate speech email that was sent to her by one of Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s fans.

GTA RP and the NoPixel server have risen to the top of Twitch in the last few months, with GTA 5 regularly holding the top spot as the most-viewed category.

A significant reason for the game’s surge in popularity is the huge names that stream the title on a daily basis. However, no one pulls in more viewers on the NoPixel server than Twitch personality xQc.

There’s never a boring moment when xQc is roaming the world of NoPixel but as his fanbase is so huge, they can sometimes take things a little too far.


Well, that’s exactly what happened with LadyHope when she encountered xQc in GTA RP. After arresting the huge personality, she was sent hate mail by his fans which she read on stream, resulting in her being banned.

GTA RP xQc drama
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The NoPixel GTA RP server has become incredibly popular on Twitch.

LadyHope banned on Twitch for reading hate mail on stream

During his GTA RP stream on May 4, xQc was arrested by two officers while in the hospital. One of the two cops was LadyHope and it’s fair to xQc wasn’t particularly pleased he was being detained.

According to him, the cops had no proof that he had done anything wrong, and the person who claimed they had seen him fleeing a crime scene couldn’t possibly have known it was him.


As xQc streams to tens of thousands of people whenever he goes live, his rant spurred one of his fans to send hate mail to LadyHope. She then read this message live on stream to her viewers which resulted in her being banned from Twitch due to ‘Violent Hate Speech’.

After the ban was implemented against her, she explained the ongoing situation via her Twitter.

“I got suspended for reading out a hate speech email that was emailed and aimed at me…. due to me reading this out, and the clip that was taken without context, I was suspended due to ‘Violent Hate Speech.”


Despite being punished for an out-of-context clip, LadyHope has encouraged her fans not to spread hate and reiterated that it’s no one’s fault that this has happened.

She’s confirmed that she’s working on resolving the ban with Twitch and that there will not be any streams until this situation has been sorted.