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GTA RP streamer goes viral after hilariously mocking Cyberpunk 2077 glitches

Published: 8/Feb/2021 10:13

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Burn has managed to gain some serious attention after perfectly mocking Cyberpunk 2077’s issues inside of GTA RP. 

Despite a near decade-long wait, and a tonne of hype, Cyberpunk 2077’s launch was marred by the game having a laundry list of issues from unusual bugs, to textures not loading, and even missions being ruined.

CD Projekt Red have rolled out a good few updates to address some of the issues, but the internet has already had its fun at their expense with some ruthless memes.

Now, with streamers diving back into GTA RP, one has decided to play as Cyberpunk’s Johnny Silverhand and bring the game’s problems to Los Santos, and it’s pretty hilarious. 


CD Projekt Red
Major Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves portrays Johnny Silverhand in 2077.

It comes from Twitch streamer Burn, who has almost 35,000 followers on the platform. He took on the role of Cyberpunk’s anti-hero, kicking it off with a perfect recreation of him. 

Running into different streamers in GTA RP, Burn used the custom animations to perfectly mock the game’s issues – pretending to get in a car while sitting next to it, and then glitching out when players drove away. 

He’d even duck down when getting a ride of fellow players to further add to the hilarity, making it look like he’d disappeared. 

Though, it was running into xQc that gave him a big moment in the spotlight, and he didn’t disappoint. Burn constantly put himself in a T-pose – a common Cyberpunk glitch, and sputtered when he talked.


That left the popular Canadian streamer in hysterics, laughing at how well he’d recreated the bugs. 

Burn’s best highlights quickly garnered him plenty of attention as a couple of thousand viewers tuned in. He typically streams to only a handful of people, according to Twitch stats. 

Given that he’s quickly become a popular character in No Pixel’s GTA RP server, Burn’s Johnny Silverhand will surely stick around, and likely get even funnier over time.