GTA RP community disgusted after Spanish streamer roleplays as “pedophile”

Published: 13/Apr/2021 6:43 Updated: 13/Apr/2021 7:03

by Andrew Amos


The GTA RP community is horrified after a clip of a Twitch streamer named ‘wachinanii’ went viral for his “disgusting pedophile” roleplay. Wachinanii has dismissed the claims, stating that “everything is roleplay” and should be distinguished from reality.

Wachinanii, a prominent Spanish GTA RP streamer with 53,000 followers on Twitch, has come under fire after a clip of him roleplaying as a “pedophile” went viral on April 11.

The clip, in Spanish, reportedly shows Wachinanii offering another player a “fine job,” trying to lure them away. The other roleplayer is reportedly playing a three-year-old girl in the video.

The video has been shared thousands of times in both the Spanish and English roleplaying communities. Many players are calling for him to be permanently banned from GTA RP and Twitch for his “disgusting” character.


“Roleplaying is not valid justification for something so disgusting,” one comment read.

Wachinanii plays on the Marbella Vice server, which is listed as the biggest Spanish-speaking roleplaying server. It has 360,000 followers on Twitter.

The server’s owners are yet to address the allegations.

After the clip went viral, Wachinanii tweeted out a statement on his Twitter.

The three-word statement translates to “everything is roleplay” in an attempt to play down the allegations against him.

Some members of the community have defended Wachinanii’s actions by reiterating his statement.

The wider GTA RP playerbase is concerned that Rockstar will take action against the hit servers, which have seen a surge in popularity at the start of 2021, and shut down them all down.


Twitch’s terms of service states “any sexual content…that involves minors or depictions of minors” are “strictly prohibited and may be reported to law enforcement.”