GTA Online’s The Contract update puts an end to griefing

. 6 months ago
The Oppressor MK II made it easy for players to grief each other but that's over now thanks to the Contract update

GTA Online has a long history of players griefing lobbies by hunting down unsuspecting and hopeless players, but some updates to vehicles in The Contract have made that a much harder task. 

The world of GTA Online has always been a risky one. Public lobbies are full of bad eggs whose only intention is to make life harder on everyone else — a feat that’s made much easier with the assistance of the game’s advanced vehicles like the Oppressor MK II.

Whether through purposefully causing others to crash or by blowing them to bits with rockets, this method of griefing has been a staple of the game.

However, The Contract may have finally put an end to the chaos thanks to a new defense feature.

GTA Online’s The Contract update counters griefers

GTA online player riding a MK2 Oppressor through Los Santos
Rockstar Games
The Oppressor MK II makes it incredibly easy for players to take over and ruin lobbies

Missile Jamming is a new addition to the game and it’s set to make players’ lives much easier.

Instead of being defenseless against any potential barrages, drivers now have an extra layer of safety and can attempt to maneuver their way to safety.

Anyone using the MK II will no longer be able to target vehicles with auto-lock and will have to put their aim to the test if they want to take someone down.

This feature has been a hit with the player base so far, with one commenter suggesting that the game might be in its best shape ever at the moment: “Them adding signal hammers was the greatest thing ever. Now all I need to do is buy 3 of the new cars so I can have different ones to drive.”

Another user pointed out that the Bravado Buffalo STX’s other security upgrades only sweeten the deal: “…definitely worth the money. bulletproof windows and missile jammers. they’re literally grieferproof.”

This big upgrade is only one of many reasons that players are hailing The Contract as the best update in the history of the game.

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