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GTA Online’s new update was not a hit with players, literally

Published: 9/Jul/2021 21:19

by Bill Cooney


A new update coming to GTA Online’s in-game music has apparently rubbed some players the wrong way, as they claim it’s more of the same from Rockstar Games.

For musicians, getting your work included in Grand Theft Auto Online has to be like a dream come true. Thanks to the radio that tends to feature whatever tracks were added most recently when you first get in a vehicle, songs get exposed to millions of people who wouldn’t have heard them otherwise.

On July 9 Rockstar announced “Monday Dreamin’,” the debut album from their own CircoLoco Records, would be coming as a radio station in the next GTA Online update, but some players don’t seem to be too keen on even more club music being added to the game.


Even though GTA V features a variety of music stations, some fans seem sick to death of the house and dance music Rockstar have seemed to prefer to add GTA Online since it came out in 2013.

“Bro what is their obsession with adding this dance music? Nobody listens to this s**t,” Twitter user ‘GTLazlow’ said about the news. “They’ve been ignoring the Rock, Classic rock, Classic Hip Hop, and Country stations since launch. Add some variety for the love of God.”

Other users seem to be dreading the fact GTA will most likely put this newest set of tracks on automatically whenever you get into a new vehicle.


“Oh God no,” Twitter user ‘ThatBigL’ lamented. “Now this bulls**t will be preset in every vehicle instead of the cayo perico ones that suck as well.”

Despite fans’ complaints, Rockstar probably won’t be changing their tune anytime soon. CircoLoco Records is an official partnership between CircoLoco, a global club culture brand, and the GTA Online publisher.

Seeing that “Monday Dreamin'” is an official Rockstar product, and they stand to make money from it, it’s no wonder Rockstar’s going to promote the album in their popular online game as well, despite player complaints.