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GTA Online’s Cayo Perico heist payout details revealed

Published: 10/Dec/2020 18:04

by Alex Garton


The upcoming Cayo Perico Heist may be one of GTA Online’s biggest updates ever, but what’s the payout for completing it?

Rockstar Games’ announcement that the new Cayo Perico Heist will arrive on December 16 has GTA fans extremely excited. The update will provide players with a tropical paradise to explore and, of course, steal from.

The requirements for the heist are yet to be confirmed, but we can assume it’s not going to be cheap – and players will have to fork out a lot of cash.

This will be the first-ever heist introduced to GTA Online that a player can complete on their own. Doing it solo has its downsides, but if you’re successful, then you get to keep all of the profit.


The question is, how much can you expect to make from the Cayo Perico Heist? Well, it appears we have an answer, and it’s a pretty solid payout.

Rockstar Games
Cayo Perico is home to the infamous El Rubio.

How much does the Cayo Perico Heist pay out?

By the looks of it, the trailer suggests players are going to have to purchase a submarine for this heist. That means it’s going to require a huge investment from players before they can even attempt it.

Is this heist a worthy investment for making money? Well, a tweet from Tez2 has potentially revealed the exact amount players can expect from Cayo Perico.

A section of the trailer actually shows us a digital screen that projects how much players can expect to earn. According to the trailer, the Madrazo files are worth $1.1 million, and the Secondary targets total up to around $2.8 million.


In total, this gives players a max payout of around $4 million. This may not seem like an amazing reward, but it’s important to remember that this heist can be done solo.

Completing the heist alone will certainly be a challenge, but with so much money at stake, it’s definitely worth it.