GTA Online players pull off perfect joke with vehicle cargo

gta online vehicle cargoTake-Two Interactive

The user-created name of in-game organizations made for the perfect joke at the end of a GTA Online Vehicle Cargo mission.

Rockstar added these mission types in 2016 with the launch of GTA Online’s Import/Export content update. The patch specifically opened the door for organizations to rob high-value vehicles belonging to their competitors, then export said cars for a quick buck.

The game’s various customization options allow players to get especially creative by naming their organizations however they see fit.

As such, it was only a matter of time before a couple of user-generated names turned the vehicle-based tasks into the perfect meme.

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Vehicle cargo mission in GTA Online gets hilarious summary

One organization robbing another in Grand Theft Auto Online results in a summary box that outlines the details of the theft. The text usually reads as something along the lines of “Corpo X stole Vehicle Cargo from Corpo Y,” for example.

Player-made organization names tend to be a bit more colorful, however. And on very specific occasions, they can make for the perfect “your mom” joke.

Reddit user zeezaheer shared an example of this occurrence in a recent post, where an organization named “Oh Lord I” stole goods from another known as “Ur mom.”

As a result, the message box says, “Oh Lord I stole Vehicle Cargo from Ur Mom and secured it at their Vehicle Warehouse.”

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Since both organization names would likely sound bizarre under any other circumstances, it’s rather fortuitous the stars aligned this way.

It’s doubtful that another combination of names will top this particular vehicle cargo meme in GTA Online. But pretty much anything is possible in the world of Los Santos.