GTA Online update: Tempesta Casino reward, 3x Cash and huge discounts

by Calum Patterson
Rockstar Games


After Rockstar's April Fool's prank, covering the whole GTA Online map in snow, they've rolled out a new update to the game, including some big bonuses and a new vehicle on the podium.

GTA Online players who logged in on April 1 would have been greeted with a major surprise, as Los Santos was covered in a thick layer of snow, part of Rockstar's April Fool's gags.

The jokes are over now, though, as the new update is all for real, with the Tempesta supercar now available on the Diamond Casino podium. There's also multiple cash and RP bonuses, up to 3x in certain modes.


Rockstar have posted the full patch notes, which confirms much of what reliable leaker Tez2 claimed the patch would include, after sharing details ahead of schedule on April 2. There's a lot to dig through, so let's jump right into it.

GTA Online April 2 update

Podium vehicle: Tempesta

Tempesta in GTA
Rockstar Games
The flashy Pegassi Tempesta can be won for free on the Lucky Wheel for a limited time.

Last week's vehicle on the podium, the Zion Classic, was a bit of a disappointment for some players, but Rockstar has more than made up for it with this new offering.

Take your chance on the Lucky Wheel for a shot at snagging the Tempesta, a Lamborghini-inspired supercar, fit for the flashiest of players. You get one free spin of the Lucky Wheel each day you log in to GTA Online and you never know, you might just land a free vehicle worth just over $1.3 million in-game.

This will be available until April 8, the notes state.


GTA$ and RP Bonuses

There are also multiple bonuses to kick off April in GTA Online, with both 3x and 2x cash and RP on various modes and missions.

3x GTA$ and RP:

  • All Arena Modes
  • Time Trial
  • RC Time Trial

2x GTA$ and RP:

  • Premium Repo Missions

Arena War mode in GTA Online
Arena War mode in GTA Online
Head into the Arena for 3x cash and RP.


GTA Online discounts

As always, there are new discounts too, with an extended list of items with big reductions this week.


  • 60% Off Apocalypse/Future Shock/Nightmare Sasquatch ($612,350)
  • 60% Off Stromberg ($1,274,140 - $958,000)
  • 50% Off X80 Proto ($1,350,000)
  • 40% Off RC Bandito ($954,000)
  • 40% Off Invade and Persuade Tank ($1,365,000)

Rockstar Games
The Arena Sasquatch has had its price slashed 60% for a limited time.



  • 50% Off Arena Workshop ($497,500)

Races and Time Trials

  • Premium Race: "Art to art"
  • Time Trial: "Sawmill"
  • RC Time Trial: "La Fuente Blanca"

That's everything in the April 2 GTA Online update, based on the patch notes. Make sure to also take advantage of the Twitch Prime rewards by linking your account.