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GTA Online update patch notes: DR1 Lucky Wheel reward, 2x cash, more

Published: 24/Sep/2020 11:35

by Calum Patterson


The weekly update for GTA Online is here, with the DR1 added to the Lucky Wheel Podium, a pricy racer that you have the chance to secure for free. Here are the patch notes for the update dropping today, September 24.

As with each weekly update, in addition to the new Podium vehicle, there are discounts, double rewards, and more, although some of the Discounts remain the same as last week’s update.

There are some new discounts as well though, meaning there are plenty of offers to take advantage off this week. Check out the patch notes below, secured early from reliable Rockstar leaker Tez2.


GTA Online September 24 patch notes

Podium Vehicle: DR1

DR1 on Lucky Wheel
Rockstar Games
The DR1 is a super-fast racer, and you could get it for nothing this week in GTA Online.

The DR1 is a single-seat IndyCar, that would normally set you back almost $3 million at Legendary Motorsport.

It was added as part of the Los Santos Summer Special update, which dropped on August 11 of this year. It’s already very fast, but also features KERS, letting you go lightning-quick by activating the boost.

Cash and RP boosts, featured races and missions

In addition to the discounts below, you’ll also earn cash and RP at 2x the normal rate in the following missions:

  • Bunker Sell Missions
  • Survivals
  • Mobile Operations Missions

Premium Races & Time Trials

  • Premium Race: Muscle In
  • Time Trial: Observatory
  • RC Time Trial: Vespucci Canals


Returning discounts:

– 50% Off: Torero, Swinger, Savestra, 190z, Stirling GT, Rapid GT Classic, Mamba, Infernus Classic, Z-Type, Viseris

New discounts:

  • 40% Off: Bunkers, MOCs
  • 35% Off MOC Renovations (Liveries, Weapons, etc.)
  • 30% Off: Bunker Renovations

40% Off: Rocket Voltic, Infernus, Titan


30% Off: Stromberg

Also, make sure to link your Rockstar account with your Prime Gaming account to get access to even more rewards and discounts in September.