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GTA Online update: New classic car, Twitch Prime rewards & more

Published: 17/Jan/2020 12:50

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games have released their new weekly update for GTA Online, adding a brand-new vehicle, discounts for the Diamond Casino Heist, and some free Twitch Prime rewards.

While GTA fans across the globe wait patiently for an announcement surrounding GTA 6, Rockstar Games are continuing their hard work with GTA Online – keeping their multiplayer money-spinner updated. 

As is typical with the weekly updates, the developers have made a brand-new car available to be purchased, added some additional discounts, another car reward at the Diamond Casino, and some benefits for Twitch Prime members. So, let’s take a look at what they’ve added in the January 16 update.


New vehicle: Karin Sultan Classic

Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto will be versed in the Sultan. The luxury sports call had made appearances in GTA V, IV, and San Andreas in different forms but that’s been expanded on in GTA Online.

The Karin Sultan Classic puts a spin on the fan-favorite car by keeping the classic four-door layout but throwing in a more vintage body and a new default spoiler. It can be purchased from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website for a cool price of $1,718,000.

An image of the Karin Sultan Classic from GTA Online.
Rockstar Games/GTAWiki
The Sultan Classic puts a modern spin on the Sultan that GTA fans know and love.

GTA Online Diamond Casino heist discount

It took a few years, but back in July, Rockstar finally added the Casino to GTA Online. Despite having the chance to win some cash in the gambling haven, players switched their focus and asked when they could perform heists there.


With the heist being active, the new update makes the take-home amount even better for success players. There’s a 25% GTA$ cash boost, while Support Crew members will take 50% less. 

That’s not the only way to earn some cash in the new update though. All Rockstar-Created King of the Hill & Land Races will pay out double rewards until the next content update. 

New GTA Online Casino spin wheel prize

As for more free content, players who find themselves lucky enough to strike the free vehicle slot on the Diamond Casino’s lucky spin wheel will get an exclusive new car.

That will come in the form of a uniquely customized Karin Everon. The pick-up truck will come already styled in pink and green paint, with some skulls and flames dotted around the vehicle itself – although they won’t make it any more deadly or quicker. 


advertisement for free car in GTA Online
The Karin Everon is the new free car in GTA Online’s casino.

GTA Online Twitch Prime rewards

For those players who have a Twitch Prime account that is linked to Rockstar Social Club, there are also rewards in the offing. 

The Pixel Pete’s Arcade property in Paleto Bay is still being offered up for free. If you’ve already paid for it and just joined Twitch Prime, don’t fret, you’ll get a rebate in GTA Online after a few days.

Image of an arcade in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Pixel Pete’s Arcade is one of many new Arcade’s in GTA Online.

As ever, the bonuses from these updates will be altered by the time Rockstar drops their round of content so you’ll have to be quick if anything interests you.

Though, it appears as if they’re really pushing for players to complete the Casino heist so it might be time to get that done before they drop a major update in the future.